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No Script, No Crew, No Fee to Reshoot


Portfolio managers are smart, capable and mostly camera shy. Wealth Advisor Video has developed a unique approach to video production that is PM friendly. By eliminating the script, the camera crew and allowing reshoots for free, we are able to capture relaxed, authentic footage that makes great portfolio commentary.

Simple Remote Process

The way we do it is by giving you the tools to shoot footage in the privacy of your office, on your own schedule. We simply ask your PM to answer questions you want addressed and then edit that interview footage down to the best 2-3 minutes of regulatory compliant outtakes to produce your final video.

Easy on the PM and Budget

WAV’s video production service is not only PM friendly it is also low-cost. We are able to keep video production costs low not only by using a unique remote process for capturing HD footage, but also by offering our services on a subscription basis only. Designed for firms looking to fulfill an ongoing need for video commentary, our base contract is $3000 for 4 videos per-year, or for just $5000 per-year you get 8 videos, just $625 per video.



2-Minute Why & How

Check out this short video to see why video is becoming a key tool for asset manager and advisor marketing and client communications.


OUR 4-step Process


1: Capture Footage

No script, no crew. Just you asking your PM relevant questions while our simple to use recording app captures stutter-free, HD footage.

WAV Porcess 19 D1.png

2: Draft Cut & Review

When your shoot is done, your footage is auto-uploaded to WAV. We then transcribe, draft-cut and return it for editorial and compliance review.

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3: Add the Hollywood Magic

From your mark-up we complete the editing and then add your chart overlays and animations to further elevate video engagement.

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4: Release & Promote

After final edits and sign-off you get an .MP4 file to upload to your website and an included video marketing account on the WISTIA platform.


WAV’s simple recording process requires only a current higher-end laptop and a few hundred dollars worth of portable gear - no expensive on-site crew or studio required.

Just give us access to your computer 15-minutes before a scheduled recording session and we install and setup our recording app and test the camera, lighting and sound. The session itself is directed through Google Meet, allowing our director to interview your portfolio manager while our app is locally recording the session.


Principal Interview Video - Our base production fee includes a remote interview of a PM edited down to 2-4 minutes of outtakes of the captured footage. It includes animations for video open, close, subject titles, text bullets and key quotes using client branded versions of WAV’s standard designs.

Added Firm Principal ($200 per video)

This option is for adding a second spokesperson to your video as either an alternate interviewee or as someone to act as an on-screen interviewer.  Having two on-screen subjects requires different framing and if you are using our green-screen production the purchase of a second screen to add to your studio gear.

Alpha Graphics Package ($400 per video)

Adding a higher quality graphics treatment can greatly enhance the ability of your video to engage client attention. You can upgrade our standard post-production with our Alpha graphics package which adds custom opening and closing animations along with video conversions of the PDF charts and tables you create for your print collateral. This package also includes the editing of custom images or firm b-roll for use in animation and chart backgrounds, a bespoke background for interviews, a logo wall, city overlook, office setting, or virtual studio.

On-screen Talent ($600 per video)

WAV also makes available on-screen talent to deliver either a prepared script or to act as an interview anchor to give your video the look and feel of a CNBC interview. If they serve as an interview anchor the post-production will use the split-screen graphic treatment as in the sample video below.


Engagement of on-screen talent is done on an annual contract basis and requires a 4-video minimum.


While all you need to use our service is our app and studio quality webcam, for firms that want to elevate the quality of their footage, we offer two portable studio gear packages to give you even better lighting, sound, and backgrounds for your videos.


Check out this short video to see just out how simple it is to set up our portable, in-office studio gear.


"Surfing's one of the few sports that you look ahead to see what's behind."

Laird Hamilton

WAV’s sole focus is making studio-quality production so easy and low-cost that video marketing becomes practical for any asset manager.

Unlike the print commentary that still dominates the industry, video can capture a portfolio manager’s confidence and focus in a way a document cannot. It’s not just that video is more interesting, and more likely to hold client attention, it also communicates more effectively.

Our founding vision is that successful investing, like surfing, requires a forward focus on what lies behind. It is a particular kind of balance that makes portfolio commentary a unique kind of communication. It requires the artful touch of applying historical reference points to future outcomes.

WAV was founded by fintech entrepreneur Jonathan Bentley who was previously head of marketing and digital content at InvestCloud, the leading hyper-modular financial app platform in the US whose clients include Goldman Sachs, Callan Associates, Capital Group and JP Morgan Chase. Jonathan joined InvestCloud when they acquired his previous company LightPort, a leading client portal developer for larger RIA’s.


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