How are you able to capture stutter-free HD footage over the web?

WAV has created a production approach where the interview is directed remotely over a Google Meet session but recording itself is done locally by a browser based app that we install on the clients laptop. That is why the client needs to have a current, higher-end computer with at least 4GB of RAM and a separated GPU. To accommodate HD capture any Apple Mac OS machine or any Windows machine that is less than 3 years old and cost more than $500.

Is it required that the videos be under 4-minutes?

Our service is designed for portfolio commentary no long-form educational video. That said, the 4-minute limit is not required, just very strongly recommended. Studies of viewer retention show large drop-offs beginning around 2-3 minutes so 4 minutes is the practical outside limit for how long someone will watch a video of this type. This length also corresponds to the typical segment length on CNBC.

What is the turn-around time for a project?

Prior to producing your first video, there will be a 1-2 week period of building the design and branding elements that we will use for your ongoing production. Once that work is done, assuming the questions used in the interview are pre-approved by the client’s compliance department, the turn-around time for video production is 24 to 48 hours.

Do you offer hosting for WAV videos?

For those clients that do not already have a video hosting platform, WAV offers hosting through our agency account on the WISTIA platform one of the leading corporate video hosting platforms currently available. It offers fully responsive and adaptive streaming on any device as well as extensive tracking and privacy controls. The cost for hosting is a flat fee of $100 a year per product or strategy for which videos are produced.

In what form does WAV provide finished videos?

For clients that have their own hosting platform, WAV provides the finished video as an .MP4 file rendered at 1080p. For clients using the Wista platform, in addition to the .MP4 file we also provide embed code that you can place on your website or as a page link that you can send in an email.

How are payment and billing handled?

WAV’s annual video services contracts are billed 50% in advance with the final 50% billed as a recurring monthly or quarterly charge depending on which production cycle is chosen, inclusive of any upgrade fees for additional graphics or talent upgrades, A minimum 1-year contract is required. After one year, the contract can be canceled at any time with 90-days notice. Added to the initial deposit amount are any one-time charges incurred for design set-up.