WAV’s Design Process

Below please find WAV’s animation, background and audio options for customizing your firm’s videos. All text, colors and fonts will be customized to match your firm’s website or branding guide. Please fill in your selections on the form below.

Intro Animations

These animation are use for the opening and closing of your video. Click-once on an image below hear the animation with sound. Double-click to see enlarge animation to full-screen. (This screen may take a few seconds to load.)

Animation Backgrounds

Below are available background videos designed to be used with any of the animation above. As an alternative, many firm’s choose to use custom b-roll of their offices. Click here to see how to shoot custom office b-roll using your iPhone.

Audio Tracks

Following are our audio track option for intro and close of your video. For a broader selection, please visit https://www.audioblocks.com/

Design Selection Form:

Issued when you opened you account.
Please select the Intro Animation you want customized to your firm website or branding guide: *
Please select your Animation Background option: *
Please select the Audio Track option: *