How to use your iPhone to shoot B-roll

Following are a couple of short videos that show you how to capture great b-roll, something that is very important in getting the studio quality look we are shooting for. The first video by our Calley Bliss, shows the kind of footage we are looking for.

The second video is by our hosting partner Wistia and shows some specific tips on the best way to use an iPhone for capturing good b-roll.

The following video by our partners at Wistia shows how to get the most out of an iPhone for shooting video. While we will be directing you live during the actual shooting process, it helps if you know what we are looking for. It is especially helpful if you play around with it a bit and send us a sample of what you have captured so we can do some advance coaching before the day of the shoot.

You can ignore the bit in the video about capturing audio and editing the footage as we will be we handle that for you. It is important though to learn those bits about how to transfer the files to your computer so they can be transferred to your WAV cloud storage account.