WAV’s Portable In-office Studio

Base Portable Studio - $500

For firms that want upgrade their lighting and sound we recommend WAV’s Base Portable Studio for your office. You supply a current higher end Macbook or Windows laptop and out studio gear adds everything else you need to shoot well lit, HD footage with studio quality audio. With your base studio you get a 1080p Logitech C920 Webcam, a laptop riser, a ring light for facial lighting, a shotgun mic, sound deadening blankets and a portable storage case.

lights & tripods.png

GREEN-SCREEN Studio Upgrade + $500

In order to get full artistic control of the video background, many firms choose to upgrade to green-screen production. Using a green-screen allows you to have a professional city overlook, logo-wall or virtual studio background. With the upgrade you get, in addition to the retractable green screen, 4 led video lights and 4 lighting tripods. The lights and tripods fit in same storage case as your base studio gear.