"Surfing's one of the few sports that you look ahead to see what's behind."

Laird Hamilton

WAV’s sole focus is making studio-quality production so easy and low-cost that video marketing becomes practical for any advisor or fund manager.

Unlike the print commentary that still dominates the industry, video can capture a portfolio manager’s confidence and focus in a way a document cannot. It’s not just that video is more interesting, and more likely to hold client attention, it also communicates more effectively.

Our founding vision is that successful investing, like surfing, requires a forward focus on what lies behind. It is a particular kind of balance that makes portfolio commentary a unique kind of communication. It requires the artful touch of applying historical reference points to future outcomes.

WAV was founded by fintech entrepreneur Jonathan Bentley who was previously head of marketing and digital content at InvestCloud, the leading hyper-modular financial app platform in the US whose clients include Goldman Sachs, Callan Associates, Capital Group and JP Morgan Chase. Jonathan joined InvestCloud when they acquired his previous company LightPort, a leading client portal developer for larger RIA’s.