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Free Footage Capture - Hollywood Quality Production

No script, no studio, no-charge for the shoot. The perfect product commentary solution - just $750 per video.

Wealth Advisor Video has designed a uniquely simple process for capturing stutter-free HD video footage over the web. It is so efficient and low-cost the we can make an unparalleled offer: No-charge for video capture!

That’s right, if you catch your PM on a bad day, or are not happy the interview results, we charge you nothing. Schedule your reshoot for free and pay only for the footage that you want edited and released. How do we do it? By being great at interviewing PM’s. Our friendly interview process, based on questions you supply, will set your portfolio manager at ease, allowing them to look and sound relaxed and authentic.

What’s more, we are able to keep our video editing costs low by offering our video service on a subscription basis only. We do not do one-off projects. Our service is designed for clients looking to fulfill an ongoing need for video content. For just $3,000 per product per year ($750 per video) you get 4 professionally produced videos. Sign up for 12 videos a year and save an additional 10%, bringing your per video price down to just $675.


2-Minute Video Why & How?

Click to learn in just 2 minutes 30 seconds why video is becoming a key marketing and client communications tool and how WAV makes creating video content practically painless.


OUr 4-Step Process


01: Install App

Our simple-to-use recording app allows us to capture true, stutter-free HD footage over any broadband web connection.

WAV Porcess 19 D2.png

02: Free Shoot

We do a remote interview with your portfolio manager using Google Meet.. Only if you like the results do you pay us to finish post-production,

SP Email Gif.gif

03: Add Magic

We then apply our Hollywood touch removing any skips or stumbles, adding text bullets, charts and tables, name keys and transition animations.

WAV Porcess 19 D4.png

04: Release

In a few days you receive an MP4 of your final video ready for upload to your website, Youtube or other hosting/social media account.

Video Production Upgrades

Our base video price is for the direction of a remotely captured HD Interview, editing down the footage to the key 2-4 minutes of material, eliminating all skips, stutters and restarts. We then add custom opening and closing animations branded with your firm’s logo and color palette. Following are available production upgrade options:


BETA: Charts, Tables, & Bulleted Text Overlays ($50 per element per video)

Adding charts, tables, primary point bullets makes a video more credible and engaging. With this upgrade option we convert and animate any PDF holdings, allocation, process or performance charts or tables you are currently using in your print collateral and add them to your video interview where they are referenced in the presentation. We can also add primary point bullets or pitch book process charts. The pricing in per element added.


ALPHA: Onscreen Talent ($500 per video)

This is the fee for engaging one of WAV’s on-screen actors to either deliver a prepared script or to act as an interview anchor to give your video the look and feel of a CNBC interview. If they serve as an interview anchor the post-production will use the split-screen graphic treatment as in the sample video below.


This is a sample of post-production using one of WAV’s on-screen actors as an interview anchor. Our talent can also be used to deliver a prepared script for the same price. The split-screen treatment can also be used if you are using a second firm principal to interview your PM.


Video Design Options

For every new client there is a one-time fee to cover the set-up and design of the opening, closing and transition animations for your videos.

The set-up fee is $500 if you choose from among our menu option linked below. We also have an enhanced graphics package which gives you custom animations, custom b-roll for transitions, as well as the design of a logo wall or a bespoke search for a custom interview background image. This enhanced package adds an additional $500 for a total fee of $1,000. To take full advantage of this upgrade you need to be using our green-screen production process.

Remote Studio Gear

While our production process requires only a current MacBook or higher-end Windows laptop, to ensure that we capture studio quality interview footage we recommend the purchase of any of the in-office studio gear at the following link that you do not already have.

For each piece of gear we explain what they do, give you an approximate cost and link you to the product on Amazon. As Amazon offers a 30-day return policy, if you are in doubt whether you need a particular piece of gear you can go ahead and order it, try it out and return it if required.


Check out this short video to see just out how simple it is to setup our in-office studio gear.


"Surfing's one of the few sports that you look ahead to see what's behind."

Laird Hamilton

WAV’s sole focus is making studio-quality production so easy and low-cost that video marketing becomes practical for any advisor or fund manager.

Unlike the print commentary that still dominates the industry, video can capture a portfolio manager’s confidence and focus in a way a document cannot. It’s not just that video is more interesting, and more likely to hold client attention, it also communicates more effectively.

Our founding vision is that successful investing, like surfing, requires a forward focus on what lies behind. It is a particular kind of balance that makes portfolio commentary a unique kind of communication. It requires the artful touch of applying historical reference points to future outcomes.

WAV was founded by fintech entrepreneur Jonathan Bentley who was previously head of marketing and digital content at InvestCloud, the leading hyper-modular financial app platform in the US whose clients include Goldman Sachs, Callan Associates, Capital Group and JP Morgan Chase. Jonathan joined InvestCloud when they acquired his previous company LightPort, a leading client portal developer for larger RIA’s.


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